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Who are we ?

Hello to all of you.

The ridef.2022 website.

We have created this website to report on the RIDEF of Morocco, through articles, photos, reports. We wanted it to be multilingual to allow everyone to express themselves. We appeal to the goodwill of everyone to help us translate the maximum of things and to check the translations.

President AMEM.

RIDEF 2022

Agadir- Morocco

July 20-29, 2022

ENSA University IBNOU ZOHR Agadir

34th meeting

We’re expecting you in large numbers

It’s a rendezvous after the Covide pandemic19!

We’re expecting you in large numbers

We are already having a whole celebration of welcoming you to the land of Africa.

What is FIMEM?

The International Federation of Movements of the Modern School, created in 1957 by national movements (including Morocco) present all over the world is a large association that claims popular education and cooperative pedagogy. It places students as actors in their learning. She invites them to seek, invent and learn for themselves through a “work plan”

FIMEM website

What is RIDEF?

  • Every two years, the RIDEF (international meeting of Freinet educators) takes place in a different country.
  • It is an opportunity for the sharing of experiences, class practices, productions of documents, publications and reflections on Freinet pedagogy taking into account the different contexts: political/cultural / linguistic … host country and all other countries participating in the meeting.

RIDEF 2022 website.

RIDEF theme:


          A popular pedagogy worthy of the name is not only one that works in normal times, in times of peace, but perhaps especially also in times of crisis, pandemic, war. This is the case of Freinet pedagogy, and this is what will be shown and shared during the meetings in Agadir.
          What is the relationship between the inequality of childhood conditions, technologies, the commitment of teachers in a world dominated by inequalities?
          How does the democratic and critical use of digital technologies promote inclusion, emancipation and the affirmation of children’s rights?

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AMEM Morocco? What’s that?

As everywhere in the world AMEM Morocco is an association of the modern school (affiliated with FIMEM).

It was created in 2007 to bring together all those who already practice Freinet techniques in their classes.

The AMEM (Moroccan Association of the Modern School) was created in a context where the Moroccan education system has undergone changes and new structures replaced by the old ones. New official texts: the National Charter for Education and Training.

AMEM calls for a cooperative education and a modern Moroccan school. It is open to the entire body of the Ministry of National Education.


With Nicole B. 2005
3RAEF 2013

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