What is ridef?

In this slideshow (41 pages) you learn all about RIDEF: What? Who? When? Why? How? …
This presentation exists in 4 different languages: English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Do you want to receive the original powerpoint to translate in your language to use in your movement?
Or do you want to suggest an improvement in this presentation?
Leave a comment at the bottom of this page and we’ll contact you.


2 Replies to “What is ridef?”

  1. Thank you for the presentation. I would like to receive it in order to translate it in Bulgarian. Is it possible?

    1. Hello Antoaneta,
      Cool! We love it that you want to translate this to another language!
      We will contact you by email.
      When you’ve finished your translation you can send it to the website for other Bulgarians to see.

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