Lectures 2018

Lars Lindström about Freinet Pedagogy (article connected to the lecture by Dr Ann S Pihlgren 22 July)

Lars Lindström (1943-2018) was an early pioneer in the international and the Swedish Freinet movement in the 1970ies. He later became professor in education with a particular interest in esthetic, technical, and practical knowledge traditions. Here we present two of his articles, one early and one late in his career as a researcher and educator. The first article was published in 1975, and the second in 2006, bridging a period of 31 years in the life of the author.

The earlier article The Pedagogy of Work, was written in 1975 and first published in the magazine Psykologi i teori och praktik, no 3, 1975.

The second article, Creativity, article of Lars Lindström was written in 2006, was rewarded as best article in the field and a component in Lindström being awarded the prestigious Edwin Ziegfeld Award for his great achievements in art education research.

Ann S Pihlgren

Ann S Pihlgren, the former president of the Swedish Freinet Movement, nowadays a researcher and trainer in many different subjects. Her experience as a teacher for many years as well as a headmaster on the Freinet school Mimer has made her appreciated worldwide. It is an honour to have her as the Keynote speaker at the 32:th Ridef at Ljungskile. The titel on her lecture is ”Freinet´s theories an practice in the light of history and future”.



Maja Frydén is a young Opera singer from Sweden. After finished the Univerity College of Opera in Stockholm she has made many highly acclaimed performances both at the Royal Opera in Stockholm and on concerts worldwide. Last Atumn she participated in an Opera  performance for babies between 3-18 month of age!

Earlier last year she was one of the singers who took initiative in the Metoo-movement called #visjungerut  #wesingout.

The Swedish Freinet Movement are extremely honored to present Maja Frydén on our Opening Ceremoni at the 32 Ridef in Ljungskile.



Bo Hejlskov Elven is a psychologist, professor and writer known primarily for his work with psychological methods such as the low arousal approach, can be used in the treatment of people with ASD, ADHD, developmental disorders, substance abuse, or psychiatric states.

Talks and lectures

Suzanne Dansereau Forslund

Suzanne Dansereau Forslund awarded 2016 the Swedish Freinet Movement´s price for Democracy, Open Minds, just 60 years after Célestin Freinet has died. For nearly all her life she has, as a TV journalist, tried to mediate Freinets thoughts and philosofy in tree countries.  


In 1996, a hundered years after Freinet was born, she produced a serie of films for the Swedish television called ” Want to learn” which she showed classes from Sweden, France and Canada. Those films has been shown in TV many times during the years. Here in Ridef she will show some of her films where we can meet some of the teachers in France who have met Freinet, for example Maurice and Clem Berthelot and Paul Le Bohec. Suzanne Forslund visited the first Swedish Ridef in Årjäng and now she is here in Ljungskile.


It is a great honour to welcome her to the 32 :nd Ridef in Ljungskile.