Here is finally the definitive schedule.
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Payment, bedroom, fimemdocuments, …
Choose your long  workshop (only who haven’t done this yet)
Propose for an extra short workshop

Welcome activities

Make your nametag
Display your work
Outdoor games
Look for a correspondence class and share experiences
Watch movies “School revolution” and “A day in Sophies classroom”
Getting to know the Freinet dictionary + appeal for co-creation
Walk to the beach
Make a postcard


Opening ceremony

Meeting point:                              The place beside the footboll arena.

At a table near the scene there will be papers availible  with a text about the Open Minds prices in Spanish and French. Please take a copy and share it with a friend who speaks the same language.


1 Song by a young opera-singer; Maja Frydén

2 Inger Nordheden; president of the Swedish Freinet Movement opens the 32:nd Ridef.

  1. Representants from the community Uddevalla and Ljungskile Folk high school welcomes you.
  2. Meet a Journalist, Suzanne Forslund who has made many films about Freinet and his pedagogy, the keynote speaker Ann Pihlgren and a lecturer; Ava Fahlström.
  3. Some practical issus from the board of the Swedish Freinet Movement .
  4. Song by Maja Frydén
  5. Distributing the Swedish Freinet Movement´s Democracy award Open Minds 2017 and 2018
  6. Short speeches from the Open MInds laureaters
  7. Song by Maja Frydén

As it can be rather hot at that time of the day it could be wise to wear a hat or even an umbrella!

After the opening ceremoni everyone who has brought some food or candies or other tasty things from their country can put that on the tables along the meeting point.

Cooperative dinner

For the cooperative multicultural dinner on the first evening, each country brings typical food to share with the other participants.

Workshops (click here)

Basic groups

Every morning at 8.30 there is a meeting in the basic groups: you will hear about changes and we will answer if you have any questions. It is a forum for conversations between participants and organisers. With this group we will also organise cleaning and other practical work in a cooperative way. This meeting can take from 10 minutes up to 30 minutes. A practical task for this group is to help prepare lunch and dinner.

Lectures (click here)

Open stage

In the spirit of collaboration and the joy of music and drama we have an open stage in Västkustgården. There we can sing and play music together while watching the beautiful scenery of the fjord. This is the place to make new musical friends and to speak the language of music. Everything is possible at an open stage. There will also be three multicultural nights on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Grundtvigsalen. Speak to Hampus Ericsson about what you want to do.



Have a chat with CA fimem

During dinner you can come to make an appointment with  Sylviane, Nuccia, Antoinette, Mariel, Edouard (CA FIMEM)

Fimem optimising worktime

In the afternoon schedule of the short workshops you will find some moments devoted to optimising FIMEM and next ridefs. We invite everyone to come and share ideas.

General assembly

Here you find the necessary documents

Language groups

This is a part of the General Assembly: we sit together in groups by language to talk more in detail about the topics.

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