Registrations will only become effective upon receipt of full payment of the registration fee or deposit (30% of the minimum total). Note the registration number on the back of the check or on the transfer.

At the following address: or:

Or, by post: BP: 555 CP: 85000 Tiznit MAROC

The registration form is individual. You must complete:

A confirmation email will be sent to you with a file number and bank details for payment.

The payment of the balance will be made:

  • Before July 15, 2022 by bank transfer, for countries in the European Economic Area
  • When you arrive at the meeting place for the others. 

Request if necessary for an invitation form to obtain a visa or for your administration.


Need help :

For those who encounter difficulties in registering or for those who do not have an internet connection, it is possible to register by telephone or by post.

For any information, please contact:

MOHAMED:              00 212 670382592               spoken language: French

ALI:                                00 212 667489340               spoken language: French

ASMA:                         00 212 661712609                  languages ​​spoken: French & English