Accommodation and catering

Welcome to Notre-Dame-de-Foy Campus, a privileged partner for RIDEF 2020-Quebec-Canada.

André-Coindre residence 

Notre-Dame-de-Foy Campus is a private college (pre-university). Nearly 1200 students are registered and attend classes from September to June. 280 out of them choose to live in André-Coindre residence.

The residence is located at 5030, rue Clément-Lockquell in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. The Campus is used to welcome congress participants throughout the year. During summer, they host young people for day camp. Therefore, the residence André-Coindre  will be 100% reserved for the RIDEF and the other rooms ( like the cafeteria ) will be shared with other groups. 

It’s a beautiful site, surrounded by nature and parks where RIDEF participants can walk, run or rest for a while. The accomodation, the restaurant, meeting rooms and work rooms are all in the same location and are easily accessible on foot. We’ll have access to classrooms, an auditorium and multipurpose rooms. 


All meals will be provided at the Campus cafeteria.

Here is what you can expect for one meal: 

For breakfast (morning meal):

  • Hot table (scrambled eggs, ham, sausage or bacon and diced hash browns)
  • Jam and bread
  • Yogourts
  • Fruits or fruits salad 
  • Juice, coffee or tea

For diner (noon meal) and supper (evening meal):

  • Soup
  • Pasta bar or hot main dish 
  • Dessert of the day
  • Juice, coffee or tea

Vegetarian dishes are available. Please, let us know about that on the registration form.


Rooms provided on campus are single or double with either shared or private toilet and shower. The bedding is included. Since the amount of double rooms is limited, they are reserved for couples and families. Here is the exact amount of sleeping rooms :

  • 27 single rooms, private toilet and shower;
  • 306 single rooms, shared toilets and showers on the same floor;
  • 26 double rooms (2 single beds), shared toilets and showers on the same floor; no vacancy
  • 18 double rooms (1 double bed), private toilet and shower;
  • 10 double rooms (2 single beds), private toilet and shower.

Regarding young children, children under 4 years old can eat for free but there is no children’s bed. You’ll have to take care of it of let the child take an adult bed.  

Accomodation out of Notre-Dame-de-Foy campus

1,9 km away from the Campus, you can find the Juneau camping. It provides cottages for 2 to 8 persons, tent pitches and spots for motor vehicles. For any information, check their website

The nearest hotels are located 10km away from the Notre-Dame-de-Foy campus.

Other information

Washing machines and tumble drier are available for a small fee on the campus. Wifi and parking are free of charge. 

Tobacco, alcoholic beverages and cannabis

The law regarding the fight against smoking prohibits the use of tobacco and electronic cigarettes in some public places, in all closed workplaces as well as within a radius of 9 meters from any communicating door, window or air intake with these places, due to public health problems linked to exposure to tobacco smoke in the everyday life environment. 

On the campus, it is forbidden to smoke inside the buildings. Outside, you’ll find dedicated areas with ashtrays. 

It is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in common areas inside the Andre-Coindre pavilion only if they have been purchased at their bar. No alcoholic beverages are tolerated in other common areas of the campus nor on outdoor grounds. In the rooms, this is left to your own discretion. 

Although cannabis has been legal in Canada since october 2018, smoking and vaping cannabis is prohibited in any indoor or outdoor public place. 

Useful phone numbers

Public transportation (RTC) 418 627-2511

Taxi service : Sainte-Foy 418 653-7777

Carpooling : Amigo Express 1 877 264-4697