Children are welcome to the RIDEF. It’s free for children 0-5 years old. 6-16 pay half the price of an adult, and there will be a children’s workshop where 5-16 children can join.

We want to listen to the children’s ideas and what they want to do.

On our base, in the halls, there will be activities throughout the day, such as the scrap shop, billiards, drawing, human rights and performing arts, Legos, etc. There will be opportunities for parents and teachers to share workshops with children. There is a football field and a place to play basketball and volleyball in our area. We will descend to the sea and fish the crab. We want bathing suits to be taken every day so we can go down and swim when we have the opportunity. We plan to take a tour, where we cook our food outside and we could explore our area.

Responsible for workshops for children every day:

We need the help of some extra volunteers!

Do you want to help with the children’s workshop? Let us know at

We would like volunteers who speak Spanish or other languages or who have crazy ideas…

Contact us for questions or choose “kids workshop” when you register if you want to be hired as a volunteer.