General Assemblies and Language Group

What are General Assemblies and language groups? 

First General Assembly (GA1) – Information

The first General Assembly (GA1) is an information meeting in which the Fimem Board presents the main documents to be discussed to the participants. 

These documents are published on the Fimem website and sent, a few months in advance, to all the Movements so that they can discuss them with their members before the RIDEF (Note: to have access to these documents, the movement must have an access code. If it does not have one, please ask Claude Beaunis).

Second General Assembly (GA2) – Discussions in language groups 

Between the first General Assembly (informative GA1) and the third (resolutive GA3), the second General Assembly (GA2) is dedicated to the discussion between people who speak or understand the same language (language groups).   

In order to allow the participants to study and comment on the documents presented by the Board and to prepare elements that they want to submit to all, three working sessions are scheduled. 

A fourth and final session will be used to draft a synthesis of the group’s discussions to be presented to the last General Assembly (GA3).

Third General Assembly (GA)-Decision

The third General Assembly (GA3) is where decisions are made.  The proposals of the Council and of each language group are presented and voted upon.

Only the delegates of the Affiliated Movements may vote.