Swedish Freinet Movement

The Swedish Freinet Movement KAP has been a member of FIMEM since the 1970s. It’s name was for decades kooperativet arbetets pedagogik – KAP. But the name was changed to contect closer to the founder of the pedagogy.


Twice before we have had the honour of organizing RIDEF: 1978 in Årjäng and 1994 in Hemavan.


The three latest chairmans are  Claes Emilsson, Ann S Pihlgren and Inger Nordheden (present). Ann and Inger has worked on the University of Stockholm and has written lot’s of books about Freinet pedagogy. Some are translated to English. 


Several of our members have participated in the work of the International Board of FIMEM. (CA).


Since 1993 a reform in school administration was decided by the government, that made it easy to start alternative private schools financed by public funds. No fees are allowed in the Swedish system. The authorities give permission to principals to start schools.


During this period several Freinet schools were founded and became the heart of the Swedish Freinet movement. On the video you can see where in Sweden the schools are located .


The idealistic work on weekends and holidays has decreased since the Freinet schools have played the big roll in the movement. More of the developing of  Freinet  methods has become ordinary work, separated from the work of KAP. Organised by the schools. But the schools has built a network for training in Freinet Pedagogy.


The Freinet schools have become a strong base for the movement to lean on the schools organisations .


To give more passion to the Freinetwork outside Freinetschools, that includes the group of members not working on Freinet schools,  we instituted an award for really important work for democratic Swedish school on our thirtieth birthday 2007. “Open minds”.  

You can read about all prizewinners here (just use some translating tool):



Another new activity that puts us into the central part of Swedish school debates has been the participation in the political week in Visby, Gotland in July every summer . It’s an event where all the top politicians meet every summer since Olof Palme started the tradition in the seventies. Open space where journalists and organisations meet the politicians for seminars and debates.


The third move to get new energy was the decision in 2012 to candidate for a third RIDEF in Sweden. RIDEF 2016 was given to Dogbo Benin, but in Reggio FIMEM decided to let us organise in Ljungskile 2018.


The Swedish movement is for the moment “the godmother” to the South Korean movement who has sought membership in FIMEM .


8 Freinet Schools / Preschools:

Freinetskolan Tallbacken, Ljusdal — Kindergarten + Class 1-6
Freinetskolan Mimer, Norrtälje — Kindergarten + Class 1-9
Freinetskolan Hugin, Norrtälje — Kindergarten + Class 1-9
Freinetskolan Lillstrumpa, Stockholm — Kindergarten
Freinetskolan Kastanjen, Botkyrka (Stockholm) — Kindergarten + Class 1-9
Freinetskolan Bild&Form, Göteborg — Kindergarten + Class 1-9
Drakbergsskolan, Göteborg — Kindergarten + Class 1-9
Freinetskolan Lund, Lund — Kindergarten + Class 1-9

There are also members of KAP that are working in several public schools spread all over Sweden.


The newspaper of the Swedish movement:



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