The theme of the RIDEF 2020 will be…

Freinet pedagogy, still alive!

Freinet’s pedagogy is now almost one hundred years old. The context in which it was created and developed has greatly evolved through the years. Today’s children are very different than those born at the beginning of the last century. Social, political and educational values have changed radically since then. The

Freinet educational method has had the flexibility to adjust to the times; what it is today is the result of an ever-changing process. It can be applied to suit the needs, interests and living environment of teachers, students and parents alike. But how has it evolved exactly? How have its tools, practices and techniques developed over time, while staying anchored to the beliefs and values that are at the root of its pedagogical constants?

“Where did we start from, where are we now, and where are we going” will serve as our frame of reference to shed light on the evolution of Freinet’s pedagogy through the years.

Here are some of the subjects that could be addressed :

• What is expected of children?

• What is expected of teachers?

• What is expected of parents?

• Teaching/learning techniques

• Classroom management

• Inclusive education

• Various discipline related contents

• Professional integration

• Techniques and tooling

• Constraints and practices to avoid

• etc.

We are proposing a RIDEF which will focus on Freinet’s pedagogy’s present day pertinence and purpose, a “back to the roots” occasion to share the values we defend and principles that guide us. This international meeting will no doubt allow us to observe that this unique methodology is still thriving and at the center of our thoughts and our actions.

Our meeting will be in Quebec city!